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Jumping to Singapore...
[Birthday post] Happy 20th birthday to Chinen Yuri 
30th-Nov-2013 11:30 am
Chii ♥
Today is a very special day for *drum rolls* our dear Chinen Yuri!!
As we all know, today (30th Sept) marks the day where he finally turns to 20!
It is amazing to see how much he have grown from the day since he debut till present.
I feel happy to be able to sort of like 'witness' his growing process, from a young boy to a young man~
And the thing that I'm most proud would of course be how he continues to be who he is and his never changing love towards Ohno-kun!!
On this day, I would like to say to Chinen-kun that please continue be who you are cause that's how I like you to be.
Also, please stay healthy and unhurt! ファンはHSJをいつも応援します, 大好きです♥

*Please feel free to comment below with your birthday wishes to Chinen =D
Do give our Chinen-kun loads of love on his special day!
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