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Assassination Classroom: Graduation Live Action Movie 
11th-May-2016 12:54 am

Here is the first post of the year for jump_singapore.
I know it is kind of late but I am here to promote Yamada's new movie "Assassination classroom: Graduation" Live Action Movie.

As everyone know, this movie is a sequel to Assassination Classroom (previously shown in Singapore last year July).
Right now, it is currently showing in Singapore (It started showing on Apr 28). I am not sure how long will the movie be showing in GV theatres, so do hurry to grab a ticket to watch the movie if you have not.

For those who have not watch the movie, here's a short trailer of the movie.

For the 2nd part of the movie, they revealed the past history of who Koro-sensei (Acted by Ninomiya Kazunari) was and how he came to be the octopus-like being he is right now. Most importantly, we got to know the real reason behind why Koro-sensei decided to take the position as a homeroom teacher for the no-hope class 3-E at Kunugigaoka Junior High School.

In addition, the identity of the mystery man (the one who appeared in part 1 of the movie) who wore a white robe and covered with a white mask made of anti-sensei fibre was also revealed. He turns out to be Kotarou Yanagisawa (Acted by Hiroki Narimiya) who was the mad scientist who created Koro-sensei.

There are some parts of the movie where I felt it was so touching. One is when everyone in Class 3-E decides to work together in an effort to try to create a medicine that will sort of cure "Koro-sensei". The second touching scene would be when they found out that they had no choice but to kill the sensei whom they loved the most. Knowing that this is what they had to do, Nagisa (Acted by Yamada) asked for permission to be the one to stab Koro-sensei. Here come the emotional moment of the movie, as Nagisa cries and smile while he slowly pushes the special-made knife into Koro-sensei.  /I cried with many others who was watching in the same theatre as me./

(PS: There was a slight twist of the plot and Yamada has sort of a "kiss scene" with one of the female character.)

To get to know more about what happened, please do go and purchase a ticket at one of the GV theatres that is showing "Assassination Classroom: Graduation". Hurry up before it's too late! Nurufufufufu~
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