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Jumping to Singapore...
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5th-Oct-2010 10:04 pm - selling past concert goods.
I have some items for sale.
Need funds for my Japan trip so... yeah.. >_<
Prices to be offered by the buyer.

1)HSJ tengoku bag~
2)HSJ tengoku tee~
3)HSJ spring con bag~
4)Clearfile [Spring con 09-10 if I'm not wrong]
5)HP strap [from Tengoku]

in PERFECT condition. 100% new and in original packing.
opened only once to take photos.
mail me for pictures :D
muts_96[at]hotmail[dot]com (:
22nd-Sep-2010 02:00 am - Hey! Say! 2010 TEN JUMP
 photo hsj.png

I'm sorry for the lack of update due to school work but I'll try to update whenever possible.
Hey! Say! JUMP has recently released a DVD 'Hey! Say! 2010 TEN JUMP' which I believe everyone should have already know by now.
In my personal opinion, this DVD is something worth buying for.
I like the way the stage was setup especially the trains and the bear.
Anyway, please show your support to HSJ by buying the DVD if you are to able to afford it.
I hope that HSJ will have more releases in near future so that I will have more contents to be updated here.
Lastly, I wish everyone have a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival~!
 photo mid-autumn.png

For our opening special,

BATCH TWO (includes more photos on hsj, kat-tun, news, arashi, k8, johnny juniors, johnnys during chibi days, member solo and group pictures!)



is now available!

*special project is done upon buyers' requests.

upon receiving request, i will check my stock and see what i can do for you. (:

so feel free to leave a request/comment. ^^

**this is how the photo will look like

28th-Aug-2010 07:20 pm - Yoroshiku.


i was on hiatus, and recently fell in love with daiki.

most of my old friends died out of the fandom.

its kind of sad and lonely. so hoping to make some close friends who share the same interest.

do say hello, or best if you can drop me your email in my inbox.

so we can talk moreeeee?

please take care of me?


Hey I'm back again to sell off another main item lol!

I kinda got it on impulse and realised I didn't really see a need for it in the end :P
Selling it at SGD34.
Hoping to sell it off asap coz I need the money XD

Also some shop photos:
Pictures!Collapse )
14th-Aug-2010 01:21 pm(no subject)

I'm clearing my room and decided to sell off my extra Hey! Say! 2010 Ten JUMP stationery set.

Brand new, has never been opened.
Selling it at SGD32.
Please help me clear this as I can't bear to see it collecting dust :(


Also selling off a few shop photos & pinups + glossies:

Photos and details!Collapse )
8th-Aug-2010 04:47 pm - HMV
For those whom are interested, I saw the Johnny's album being sold at HMV at 313 yesterday (:

The new Arashi album is being sold out though. But the LE and RE of Hey Say JUMP album is there, for those who want to buy you can just get it there XD
18th-Jun-2010 05:50 pm - Sorry....
Hello everyone ^^
It has been a long time since my last update...
I'm sorry for the lack of updates in this community...
I had been busy with my studies ever since the start of April 
Somehow whenever I'm not free, there'll be new updates about Hey!Say!JUMP example like the new album they are about to release...
Anyway, anyone intend to buy the album??
Well, I shall get going now to start my drama marathon~!
Bye Bye ^^
17th-Jun-2010 08:36 pm(no subject)
regarding the jump gathering, it's been finalised!

Date: 22th June 2010, Tuesday (Inoo's birthday)
Time: 10am
Activities: -Mass Dance (Romeo and Juliet, Mayonaka no Shadow and Your Seed)
                  -Games (impersonation and many more?)
                  -Don't Forget the lyrics (UMP, Score, Ganbaretsugo, Dreams Come True)
                  -More activities might be added. :D
Meeting place: City hall Mrt Station
Attire: White (Easier to identify ourselves)
Bring: At least $5, more incase. :D

Please email me @ ayako.madeline@yahoo.com with the subject as JUMP gathering to tell me if you're coming, either late or on the meeting time itself so that i could be sure how many are coming. please include your name and lj acc. :D email me if you've got anymore details you're unsure of.

i'm excited and looking forward to that day! what about you guys?

13th-Jun-2010 11:40 pm - JUMP gathering!
hey people! remember the JUMP gathering atiqah2chan mentioned last month? here's the plan:

Date: 22th June 2010 (Inoo's birthday)
Time: 10am
Activities: -Mass Dance (Romeo and Juliet, Mayonaka no Shadow and Your Seed)
                  -Games (impersonation and many more?)
                  -Don't Forget the lyrics (UMP, Score, Ganbaretsugo, Dreams Come True)
                  -More activities might be added. :D
Venue: not decided yet. We will choose by the number of votes. :D

Poll #1577901 Venue for the gathering

Are you coming for the JUMP gathering?

I'm coming, but i'll come later.
i can't come.. but i want to..

Venue for the JUMP gathering

Yio Chu Kang CC Dance Studio
Marina Barrage
Bukit Gombak CC Dance Studio

Do comment and tell us if you're coming! :D
more enquires, email me @ ayako.madeline@yahoo.com with the subject as JUMP gathering. :D

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